Joining random discord servers is a bad idea.

Be safe on the internet kids.

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Hello! This is innasuu. I made another tutorial uwu

This is the process I used to make this mmv I made to celebrate gaining 1000 subscribers on my youtube!

The tutorial is out later than expected. Oh well, I will blame it on my laziness.

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Despair OTP (Tetsuo x Youji)

Hello there! It’s innasuu! I decided to do something different today and that is a small tutorial on video editing! I’ve been making video edits using sony vegas for three years already and I haven’t mentioned it on this blog at all! It’s almost a shame really lol

So while I was making a vid today, I randomly saved screenshots of my progress. Although I called this a tutorial, it’s more of a demonstration of one of my editing styles lolol

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We finally reached the conclusion of this series. To be honest, the pacing at the beginning was so slow the developments at the end didn’t leave much of an impression. It was interesting to see more than one heroine, but the series focused more on Koharu and Kakeru’s relationship that there was barely enough time for the other (better) pairings. At least that blue haired couple got together uwu

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