Alternative Titles: 咎狗の血, Blood of the Reprimanded Dog

Episodes: 12

Status: Complete

Producers: Aniplex, A-1 Pictures, Picture Magic

Genres: Action, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai

Rating: 17+ (for violence and profanity)

Togainu no Chi is based off of a BL visual novel by Nitro+ CHiRAL that was made into an anime as part of the company’s 5th anniversary. The setting is in a  post-apocalyptical Japan after the third world war. Akira, a champion in the street game Bl@ster, is accused of a murder that he didn’t commit. He is then forced to participate in a battle game called Igura that takes place in the city Toshima and to defeat “Il-re” the invincible king of Toshima. And everything goes off from here.

It would seem rather interesting, but the thing is that most TnC fans consider the anime to be an utter disaster.

To start off, the animation isn’t great. It’s decent, but not great. The style of the characters is not even close to the original style of the game. You can look at the picture with a game cg on the left and an anime screen shot on the right. Granted, the quality of the anime would indeed be lower than in the game, but it just looks different. And then there are those fight scenes, which should have been the prime feature of the anime since there was no hint of yaoi whatsoever (just shounen ai). The fighting scenes were okay at the beginning but as it went further, they were of less quality and coordination. Seriously, the very last fight should have been epic… it really wasn’t.

Plot wise, it is somewhat decent, seeing as the producers had to choose one route out of 12 others. This one goes along Keisuke’s route, I think. I’m not really sure. Either that or it’s an entirely different plot. In the end, Akira goes off on a speech about what he has learned about life and death, which makes me go “Where in the world did you get that from Akira???” The only lesson I learned from this anime was to never take drugs. Never ever. I’m serious.

I think characterization would’ve been most disappointing (no… it was the lack of the yaoi OAO). This can be explained by simply saying that the anime does not get as deep as the game does. That is why Shiki is depicted as a cold-blooded killer (which he is, and we are not watching his route). And Akira is forever poker-faced. They didn’t even give Keisuke a screwdriver (shame on them). At least Keisuke got to go yandere, it becomes an interesting plot twist.

The music is the best thing about the anime. The entire soundtrack is fabulous, gives the anime some justice, and made it more interesting and bearable. The opening song was very nice (Rose-Hip Bullet by Granrodeo) and it became one of my favorite openings. The ending songs however, I wasn’t interested in and always skipped over (I later listened to all of them when I rewatched the anime but I still didn’t like them). And continuing on the ending songs, I think that that’s what ate up most of the budget on this anime. If they had put in one ending song and put the rest of the budget to the quality of the anime, it would’ve been much better. But it wasn’t.

Despite how bad the entire thing was, I really enjoyed watching this anime. It was what got me into the Togainu no Chi fandom in the first place. It is one of those animes that you watch only once, if you liked it, you liked it, if you didn’t, then you didn’t. I don’t recommend rewatching unless you’re like me and really liked it XD. But all points aside, it isn’t the highest quality anime, but it is still enjoyable to view. On a plus side, if you want to see any yaoi of this series, there’s plenty of doujins and fanfictions to read or you can buy the visual novel and play it yourself (they now have an english patch of the entire pc version out).

I would now like to go over all the characters as well. Starting off, we have our lovely main character (the incredible uke~) Akira-tan! (I call him -tan okay?)

He is on my list of top favorite characters, my little forever poker-faced baby~ There are many Akiras which one can fangirl/boy over (based off of the endings of the game). My personal favorite is Slutty!Akira-tan from one of Shiki’s endings but one can also keep the regular Akira, a Military!Akira, an Inu!Akira, and even a dead Akira (there are so many routes where Akira ends up dead TTATT). His hair is so much fun to draw~

Then there’s Shiki, the invincible Il-re who is feared by everyone in Toshima. I ship him and Akira as my OTP. Despite the horrible bastard he is, he is one of the most popular characters in the fandom (and it’s easy to see why, he is very good-looking).

Keisuke, Akira-tan’s best friend who has no spine. He is Akira’s very own personal fanboy. The Keisuke in the back that’s gonna grab Akira-tan is yandere!Keisuke on Line (the drug that runs throughout Toshima). In my headcanon, Keisuke is a mermaid~

Rin is a cute little shota, Motomi is the old man, Arbitro is a creepy pervert, Kau is a dog, Gunji and Kiriwar are crazy psychos, no one cares about poor Takeru…

And then there’s Nano~

Also called n and is the only guy Shiki couldn’t defeat. Likes books, cats, and Akira (maybe). I like him so much~ He has many sayings and metaphors which he rambles on about during the anime (and they do make sense somewhat, if you think about them.)

The visual novel is ten times better than the anime (though I haven’t played it yet). I wouldn’t say it was an awful anime, but it isn’t on the list of great anime that are a “must see”. I would rate this anime 2.5 out of 5. The animation quality isn’t superb and the whole plot could have been thought out much more but the music is excellent and it was enjoyable.