Episodes: 12

Status: Complete

Producers: Lantis, Kadokawa Shoten, P.A. Works, Toho Company, Sentai Filmworks (licensing) , The Klock Worx, Bandai Namco Live Creative, NTT Docomo

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Horror, School

Rating: 17+ (for violence)

Did you hear about Misaki? She was in class 3 in middle school 26 years ago, was an honors student, and popular with her classmates. But then she suddenly died. Her classmates couldn’t believe it until one of the boys in her class pointed to her empty seat and exclaimed that she was not dead and that she was still there sitting like always. Soon, the rest of her classmates agreed and decided to carry on as if she there, even all the way to graduation. And in the class photo that was taken, Misaki was there.

Creepy isn’t it? A boy named Sakakibara Kouichi transfers into this class 3 in the spring years later. He is suspicious of the fearfulness of his classmates and notices a girl, Mei Misaki, who wears an eyepatch and sits alone drawing pictures.

The anime was based off of a novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji that was published in 2009.

So~ At the start of this series, everything’s all right. A bit eerie, but okay.


It’s a good horror anime, plenty of bloody, gruesome deaths that are well animated. I liked the character designs, especially Mei’s, she’s so cute~ The doll shop with all those dolls was really creepy though. They just sit there while Mei tells Kouichi that they shouldn’t stay in that place because the dolls are hollow and hollow things seek to be filled. But it’s stuff that adds to the creepy atmosphere.

It’s horror, but not jump scare. It’s very subtle, then it gets really scary (meaning gruesome death scary), and then back to the subtleness again. I think the deaths were rather overwhelming (they were along the lines of Higurashi gore). How Kouichi and Mei went about figuring what the curse on class 3 was and how to stop it wasn’t fast nor slow but went at a nice pace so that it became like “What’s gonna happen next?” sort of a deal. The ending was rather unexpected though. I wouldn’t have thought it would go down like the way it did and that everyone would be freaking out so badly. But it was certain that the class would end up driving themselves insane because you know, knowing that each month one of your classmates or someone from your family is going to die, you’re certain to try and save them and you no matter what, right? Right.

The music also added to the creepy atmosphere. So when that really slow and scary music that makes you go askjklsdjklfj comes, yep… The opening (Kyōmu Densen by Ali Project) sets up the horror mood when starting the anime (and I like Ali Project’s music so yeah). I didn’t listen to the ending song though (Anamnesis by Annabel).

There is some romance between Kouichi and Mei and it never really flourishes but, in the end, they do become friends. There was one daydream scene where they were both dancing and that was funny. It brought out some humor in the midst of all that horror.

It has a steady pace for “solving” the mystery (there’s even a beach episode). It wasn’t rushed and I had a fun time watching it (being scared senseless once someone died). What I didn’t like was there was no way of breaking the curse of class 3 and the fact that they’re in middle school. Though there was a way of stopping the curse and they figure that out. In the end the characters hid the instructions on how to stop the curse for the future classes, which I thought was stupid because a guy from a few years ago did that forgot about it and the classes after him were affected. They could have just told everybody, or was that the point?

Still, loved the characters (although all of them trying to kill Mei and ending up getting killed themselves is kind of a turn off). There aren’t any of them that I can remember that I didn’t like. Except for that annoying bird.

Rather eerie, gore-filled anime, though definitely recommended over Higurashi (which is even more messed up). I rate this anime 4 out of 5. Lots of blood and major gore elements, well animated, interesting characters, but would have liked to see some way of breaking the curse instead of just stopping it. Not recommended for those who are fearful of really bloody deaths (it’s really, really bloody, that’s all I gotta say).

There is also an episode zero which shows the events that happened to Mei before the first episode of the anime. It is also good and there’s no gruesome deaths. Just a bird flying into a compartment on a ferris wheel.

But that umbrella scene OAO I will never have pointy umbrellas ever again.

And then all those death scenes lol nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope never watching this anime again.