Alternative Titles: 霧籠姫と魔法使い, The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage

Author: Nesumi Chisato

Genres: Fantasy, Josei, Romance

Status: Complete

Chapters: 2

Neverheart, a very cranky sorcerer, reluctantly goes into town one day and finds a fairy that has been hurt in a side-street show. Since he likes to collect pretty things, he decides to “free” her and takes her to his tower to be a part of his collection.

This manga, while being very cute, is short. The story is short and has much potential to have more. I heard that the mangaka usually creates stories like this and leaves endings like this one. But is still very disappointing. I would have loved to see more interaction between the fairy and the magician. The story itself was good for a fantasy series and the art brings it out nicely.

Being a fantasy series, the art does bring out that kind of atmosphere (being all moe and cute). No problems with any of the character designs, they were beautiful.

The personality of the characters could have been worked out better. For a short series, their personalities were fine but I still prefer to have characters fleshed out. The fairy could have been a total tsundere, but the manga wasn’t long enough to actually show that. The names of the characters didn’t seems to fit so much. The fairy ended up being called Sti based off the German word for voice (stimme) and does not sound cute at all.

For a short series, it’s okay for someone who wants a quick read. I’m rating this manga 3 out of 5. Lovely art with an interesting concept but the characters could have fleshed out more and the story could have gone longer (but I think that was just the author’s own faults, hearing as Chisato’s works are also like this).