Alternative Titles:  男子高校生の日常, Daily Lives of High School Boys

Episodes: 12

Status: Complete

Producers: Sunrise, TV Tokyo, Square Enix, NIS America, Inc. (licensing), Trinity Sound

Genres: Comedy, School, Shounen, Slice of Life

Rating: 13+

This is about three friends, Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake, who go to the all-boys academy, Sanada North High School, and what happens during their daily lives as students.

And all the situations they go through (which I would tell if I wanted to spoil everything, so the summary must be short).

Good animation, good music, and very grand stories. The whole time, this anime made me laugh out loud. But it was not like a pie thrown in someone’s face kind of funny. There are many little different “episodes” placed within each one full one. They start off normally and then get funny and at the end the punchline is thrown and you are left laughing (it’s kinda hard to explain, maybe I should put in a video as an example?).

And so you get twelve episodes of basically, stories like that. It’s a rather refreshing anime which you can watch as many times as you want and still laugh.

The opening song (Shiny Tale by Mix Speaker’s,Inc) is alright but not my favorite because it’s rather typical. The ending song (Ohisama by Amesaki Annainin) however… Let’s just say I usually find myself singing along to its catchy beat. Babababa rarira ba bara~ ♪

All the characters were great. The voice actors did a fantastic job (I heard that some of them had also done voices for Gintama, another hilarious anime that I haven’t watched yet). Strangely, most of the girls in the series aren’t shown with eyes. Goes to show which characters are important~. Tadakuni is special because he was supposed to be the main character, however, after a few episodes he hardly shows up at all. Then at the very end the anime goes off to reveal (spoiler!) that most of what happened was actually Tadakuni’s dream, or something like that. It was rather mindblowing for me realizing that was why he didn’t show up so often (but he’s such a lovely cosplayer!).

Nothing to complain about here, just that it needs a second season. It was just way too funny. So the rating is 5 out of 5. Definitely recommended for anyone. :)

The whole cast was just amazing XD

Most wouldn’t think much of it, but the members of Sanada North High student council are such gentlemen~

Didn’t I say he was lovely? (But of course his sister is going to punch him for it later).