A rather cute, slice-of-life anime that I have started watching, but I don’t think I will be watching the rest of it anytime soon and I wanted to write a little review on it, so I wrote one for the first episode.

Like any slice-of-life anime, it starts off as a regular day at school with our main character, Yuno and her friends Miya, Sae, and Hiro. This anime mostly features their art class that is Yuno and Miya’s homeroom.

But today, Yuno has forgotten to complete her homework and asks her teacher, Ms. Yoshinoya, if she could turn it in later. To which Ms. Yoshinoya replies sweetly, “Sorry” and walks away merrily down the hallway. So Yuno winds up having to complete her homework, a collage, during her lunch break.

Her homework is accepted at the end of the school day and Yuno still did not have any lunch. Miya hands her an onigiri that was given to her from Hiro. Yuno and Miya then go outside to play in the snow while Sae and Hiro talk about how young those two are and how they used to be so playful like that (Sae and Hiro are just a year older than those two and they’re already talking like old ladies? Lol).

Yuno and Miya go over to Hiro’s apartment after playing in the snow to thank her for the onigiri. The four friends sit around the kotatsu table and have a conversation on various subjects including how Yuno got her homework in on time, their cosplaying teacher, the snow creatures that Yuno and Miya created, and food and dieting. Finally, they all go back to their own apartments for the night.

I want to watch another episode already (but I have so many series that I have to watch, I don’t want to add another one…). The animation is good and the characters are all adorable. The music is very nice, somewhat calming and I like both the opening and the ending.

It was funny that they all went outside in skirts. They didn’t wear pants outside in the snow; aren’t they cold?! It was also funny when Sae and Hiro were talking like a couple of old ladies. C’mon, you’re not THAT old, you can play in the snow too. Ha ha…