I’m starting to catch up on Kuroko no Basket. There are already 25 episodes out, so I just have to watch the rest of them tomorrow.

On a personal note, I was reading my old posts and realized just how bad my writing really was. I’m very sorry, I’m trying to work on it, but it’s so bad that I don’t even notice it :/ Also, I’ve been wanting to get back into shape. I’m rather lazy (just sitting around doing nothing but watching anime all day), so I want to start exercising some more. Although I don’t know how long this will last since whenever I end up setting a goal like this for myself, I end up forgetting it and never ever accomplishing what I have set put to do. So tomorrow I will start running for a bit and will only run on the weekends since I have no time during the school week because of homework (I usually wind up having a lot of it).

In other cases, I also want to keep up with my blogs as well. I have blogs on tumblr, two of them are easy to keep up with but the other one is more challenging. But I have devised a way on how to maintain it. It is an ask blog, so I will only answer the questions there on holidays when I do not have to go to school and whenever there is enough time for me to.

In any case, I will have to get back to writing anime reviews. I bet you’re all bored with just the vocaloid rankings.

And now for the review on Kuroko no Basket episode 21 (which was the only reason why you bothered reading this post, right?) Ok…

In this episode, Seirin’s basketball team traveled to the beach in order to practice before the winter cup. Before that, Kagami had to teach Riko how to cook since they had to rely on her for their meals during their stay there. It came to light that the only reason why her cooking tasted so bad was because of all the extra “nutritional” stuff she added to it. XD

The team practices on the beach and because one cannot dribble the ball on the sand, they could only pass the ball to one another. This kind of training proved effective when they practiced again on a court and showed major improvement because playing on the beach forced them to put more pressure on their toes (or something like that…).

They go to sleep and in the morning they find out that the Shutoku team is staying at the same place they are. Both teams play a practice game against each other where Kuroko tries something different from usual, in which Midorima goes: “Are you ridiculous?” But it is because Kuroko is going towards his limits in order to get stronger as he promised Kagami. Kagami, who did not play at that practice game, was sent to buy drinks for the whole team. We find out that the errand is also a part of his training. When he finally finishes it is nighttime and he comes back, shirtless, sweating buckets, wondering why there was no one at the gym.

Man, this episode was fun. It had the feel of a filler episode, but was definitely not a filler and I’m glad for that. So far, this episode was the most humorous (though the “Japanese lunchtime rush” in a previous episode wasn’t bad either). And the fanservice~! This is NOT an episode you should skip (then again, you shouldn’t skip any of the episodes).


And so catching up on this series has motivated me to change myself. I can’t wait for Kuroko no Basket’s OST to come out on the 26th (but I still have to wait longer until I’ll be able to listen to it…). Now I shall put in a picture post because I feel like it (I don’t own any of these).