After seeing a variety of gifs and pictures from this series on tumblr, I finally decided to start watching Tsuritama (actually, it was because I didn’t want to watch anything else at the time).

Yuki Sanada moves to Enoshima with is grandmother. He meets this kid named Haru who has a fish bowl on top of his head and is rather annoying. Natsuki Usami is the “Prince of fishing” who teaches both Yuki and Haru how to fish sea bass. There is also some Indian guy, Akira, who carries a duck called Tapioca and is stalking Haru.

I have only watched the first two episodes and I have no idea whether to quit this series or not. Yuki is such an anxious guy that when he gets nervous it seems to him as if he is drowning and dons a rather strange expression upon his face.

It’s certainly not the most PLEASANT expression…

But it’s Haru that makes me want to stop watching this. He’s just so annoying. I can usually stand characters who act like him but it’s his high-pitched voice that I just cannot take. He is a very cute character (who is an alien, surprisingly) though sometimes I went “Haru…you’re cute but… just stop talking for once…”

Story-wise, I have no idea. It’s mostly about fishing, their antics during class, and shooting people with water guns but so far there hasn’t been much else. Granted the story would probably get better after the third episode. The animation quality is great and is pleasing to the eye and there is cute background music.

So to answer the question of whether I will continue watching this or not; for now I may just put this on hold. It certainly is interesting, but that voice…