Alternative Titles: オリンポス, Olympos

Author: Aki

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Psychological, Supernatural

Status: Complete

Volumes: 2 Chapters: 11

Ganymede, a prince of Troy, has been kidnapped by the sun god, Apollo, and placed within a miniature garden from which he cannot escape. He tries to escape the garden, yet his efforts are futile. Apollo states that Ganymede can never leave the garden. And god never lies.

To be honest, I did not pay close attention while reading this manga, but I now wish I had since it was extremely confusing. In the first few chapters, there’s an attempt by Ganymede to escape the garden with the help of a boy named Hans, but that failed. Then it shows how Ganymede got taken away and then a whole background story on Apollo. Finally, it ends with the characters talking about complicated matters of the universe (the sky will rot or something) and Ganymede won’t jump off the cliff to the exit of the garden unless he goes completely mad.

Let’s just say that I did not understand the whole point. The story and the complicated philosophical was interesting, but it would’ve been better if the story didn’t jump all over the place without so much as a warning. The philosophical stuff was beautifully worded but since I didn’t see the point of it, it was not very striking in the least.

The art is a very nice quality and the characters designs are lovely (although Zeus looked really weird :/). Scenery was not much to look at; most of the story took place in the garden or at a temple.

The characters were rather interesting; the mangaka characterizes the Greek gods differently than how they are characterized in the myths (which was very nice, in my opinion). Each character has a completely different personality from the others so it’s not boring when they interact with one another. The philosophical stuff wasn’t as dry and dull as I make it seem because of each characters’ reaction to the statements.

As I have stated before, much of this story is jumbled up. I believe the story goes back into the past once and then goes back to the present, but it was hard to tell when it did. At one time I thought it was still in the past but the characters were currently in the present.

But I’m figuring that the whole reason why I didn’t pay attention to the story was because I was too busy anticipating for Ganymede to finally escape the miniature garden. BUT THEN HE DIDN’T.

I’m rating this manga a 3 out of 5. I loved the character designs but the story itself may have been better if it wasn’t so jumbled up and was more understandable.

Or I could have paid more attention but hey, I’ve got this guy to look at.

The guy has the kind of face that I like okay? (which was the only reason I read this manga in the first place)