life-is-money-2977395Alternate Titles: ライフ・イス・マネー

Author: Asaniji Teru (story) and Yaguraba Tekka (art)

Genres: Drama, Shounen, Psychological, Thriller

Status: Complete

Volumes: 3 Chapters: 15

So the game is that you stay inside a prison for ten days. It’s not a normal prison, it is more like a hotel. The prize is 100 million yen. The catch is that every night you must play a dice game and lose of your five senses. If one rolls spirit, he or she does not lose anything. At the beginning there are ten contestants, only half can remain. It’s a battle of the mind!

How about that for a summary? This psychological thriller focuses on Meguru, who is scammed into joining the game in order to win money so that his little sister can have a heart transplant that would save her life. It is gruesome, the way how five characters are managed to be killed off. There was one point where two of them were discussing religion (it was a messed up theology) and that one had it all in his head. Of course, that guy died.

One could interpret the ending in one of two ways . One is that is was a happy ending and Meguru’s sister did survive. Or two, that she died and that happy ending shown was just an alternate reality. I interpret it as such, the author was just trolling, having the readers think that Meguru’s sister died, but she really lived.

The art fits perfectly with the genre; it is eye-catching, highly exaggerated, and pretty gruesome at times. Each of the characters are unique from one another in both character and design, and it was fun to read and see how they interacted with one another in this “death game”.

I don’t see too many downsides to this manga, unless you don’t like the genre. The whole concept of a “death game” isn’t something that hasn’t been done before, but this was done as a mind game instead of physical survival, which made it more appealing.

I rate this one a 5 out of 5. It was great all around and even had a great lesson to it, but I’m not telling what it is because you can read it for yourself. ^U^

The art is my favorite. Definitly.

The art is my favorite. Definitely.

But... screamo... OAO

But… screamo… OAO

I love the masks. Masks are the best~ (*ノ・ω・)ノ

I love the masks. Masks are the best~ (*ノ・ω・)ノ

They're really great, those faces... (´・ω・`)

They’re really great, those faces… (´・ω・`)