An otome game made into an anime; those are always great, right? Ah… not really (though I thought Uta Prince-sama was good, even if it was really cheesy ●ω●).

So this spirit thing named Orion, bumps into our heroine which knocks out practically all of her memories. We see her fall over at work and once she wakes up, two of her childhood friends have come to walk her home (she doesn’t remember them at all, keep this in mind). She is then in her bedroom where Orion appears and explains what had happened as well as what she should do about it (“Don’t go to a hospital girl. Them doctors can’t cure you since this ain’t anything of the mind or body.”). The next day she goes to work (it’s at a maid/butler cafe ✧・゚:* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) and meets a few of her friends (again, she doesn’t remember them). Lastly, she is at her front porch and this gang of girls go up to her, calling her nasty names. The heroine freaks and falls over.


Fu. The bad thing about this was that the heroine (who doesn’t have a name and never will) was the most annoying thing EVER. Yes, I get that she has amnesia and all, but how she behaved and everything got on my nerves and I wanted to turn it completely off just because of it (and I really should have since this is probably what most of the anime will consist of ^A^). But, I’ll continue watching cause of this guy

I do so love insane faces.

I do so love insane faces.

I did some research and he’s supposed to have a split personality (YES!! ʘUʘ). Let’s see how this will play out~

And then there’s the manager who’s completely awesome! (does your boss say “tell me who’s been bullying you so I can murder them”?). And the clover guy is pretty cool too.

So~ Let’s take a look at all of the guys who are available from the game…  (I’m going off topic here)

Shin.(Amnesia).full.901790Shin, your common cold, stoic bishie who’s supposed to be Heart? (lol) Plus, he’s the main guy. That much is obvious from looking at the cover of the game.

XMmW8ohLa0Ikki, the bish that every girl adores except for me (since he scares me just as much as Fushimi from K does ʘ△ʘ). The creep who represents Spade.

Toma.(Amnesia).full.901796Toma, he look’s like a nice guy. He represents diamond, the cutie. ^U^

566083Kent, the logical one with the glasses. He represents Clover.

566149Ukyo, the guy we were speaking of earlier, yes the one with the yandere tendencies. He represents Joker and has this lovely police-like uniform and asdfghjkl; he’s so awesome! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

It’s a decent mix of bishies for the heroine’s harem. And this is the main reason why I shall continue to watch this series (tbh, I just wanna see what Ukyo’s gonna do). The whole story and heroine so far has been a complete bore so I would only recommend it for the eye candy.