So, we have a basketball anime, a fishing anime, a rumored swimming anime, and now I find a mailman anime. No really. It’s better than what you think.

Gauche Suede is a letter bee (someone who delivers letters, aka: a mailman) and while working one day, he discovers that his next delivery is a young boy, Lag Seeking. So on the route to their destination they encounter this large bug thing called Gaichuu, and Gauche obliterates it using his special gun that was made to kill Gaichuu. He explains to Lag that it uses empty bullets that use a piece of his heart to destroy the bug things. Then Lag, being a curious child, takes the gun and shit happens. After that, they sleep in a cave and whole army of bug things come after them. Gauche obliterates them and then falls asleep.

Despite what my crappy summary depicts, it was rather interesting. I mean… it’s a mailman anime, what can be better than that? Everything.¬†

The first episode shows the memories of out two main characters so far, but not much on what to expect of what the series will consist of. Which is probably why I want to continue on watching to see what will happen next, and that’s good. Although…


He’s hot.


He’s adorable.

I don’t have to explain myself here do I?

On a final note, those crystalline structures shown falling during flashbacks and when they use the gun are really cool and I think that’s some special touch to the work. Time to watch the next episode~