key-artEpisodes: 12

Producers: Manglobe, FUNimation Entertainment (licensing), AMG MUSIC

Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Rating: 17+

So, Igarashi Ganta is convicted of mercilessly slaughtering his classmates and is sent to the privately-owned prison, Deadman Wonderland. Of course, Ganta didn’t kill his classmates but it was someone else whom he calls, the Red Man. At the prison he meets this girl in a white bodysuit named Shiro, and discovers that he has acquired this strange power (which is called Deadman Syndrome). He is then forced to fight people with the same power in an attraction called Carnival of Corpses.

Alright, this anime is not for the skirmish. There is plenty of blood; deadman syndrome consists of manipulating blood. A few grusome deaths, removal of body parts, and a few characters who are definitely screwed in the head: that’s Deadman Wonderland.

It’s an interesting story, until it reaches near the ending. This group of deadmen are gonna escape (yeah, who wouldn’t), and so they run into some pretty nasty obstacles where more than half don’t even make it. Their leader ends up getting killed in a terrible death and Ganta and some other chick was crying and the leader made some speech that bored me out of my skull (it really didn’t fit). And at the very end, it just ends. Rather abruptly too with no information as to what happens afterward. This was okay by me; I happen to like cliffhangers, but if one wanted to know more, my best bet is to go read the manga.

The soundtrack for this anime is fantastic. It suit the pace and the craziness of the fighting scenes and also for the sadder, quieter ones. The opening sequence shows what characters are to be featured and brings the viewer in before for the episode. The opening theme played remains one of my favorites (One Reason by DWB feat. fade). The ending theme is gentler and shows of the characters’ past (Shiny Shiny by DWB feat. NIRGILIS).

There was a wide variety of characters in the series that kept me from boredom. Because there are so many, I don’t have the willpower to write about all of them, so I’ll talk about my favorites.


Kiyomasa Senji, or Crow, is your regular big tough guy. He’s so cool with his ssslice (^0^). In helping Ganta with his first fight he lost his right eye, but it could have been a lot worse. He’s not a bad guy, but he certainly isn’t a good guy either. Just one of the many people in Deadman Wonderland (okay… he’s just rly cool).

Love insane faces. This anime had a bucketful of them.

Love insane faces. This anime had a bucketful of them.

Takami Minatsuki, or Humming Bird; you know the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, well it certainly applies for her. She tricks Ganta and her brother into thinking that she’s a sweet, innocent girl and then proceeds to beat the shit out of them at the Carnival of Corpses. She’s completely screwed in the head. It must be the flowers.


Bundo Rokuro, the freaking traitor. He was never helping anyone and was basically a mole who wanted to kill everyone in the rebel group (although I think handing them a USB with bunnies on it would have been better than a timebomb). Why he wanted to kill those people, I think he just hated them. Plausible reason.

Despite the abrupt ending, Deadman Wonderland had a plot that kept me intrigued. The gruesome fight/death scenes were well done along with the cast of different types of characters. I rate this anime a 4.5 out of 5.