I am fine. How about yourself?

I am fine. How about yourself?

The winter season is finally over and spring has sprung! (though I wish it would get warm soon, it’s still cold >o<). I haven’t written any reviews recently (the deadman wonderland one was written over a month ago) but I have been watching anime, as always! So, to move on, I will be talking about my feelings for a few series so I don’t have to write long reviews on them (because I’m being lazy).

First off, Psycho-Pass has ended and it was so great! Makishima died and I shouted for joy because I hated him (but he is an interesting character I must say). And that parallel of the first episode in that last scene, wonderful touch. I may write a decent review on this one day, when I feel like writing about all the philosophical-ness of this anime, Beautiful series that stabbed me in the heart with feels, a must see.



Then there was Cuticle Detective Inaba. At first glance, it seemed like a somewhat serious series. That assumption was completely WRONG! This over-the-top comedy, while throwing me into feels, made me giggle at all the jokes that were thrown in. And there were jokes made everywhere. Practically nothing about this series was serious, not even at the very end. Though I wish I knew what happened to Soumei’s body. Hopefully a second season will be made, I would definitely watch it!

I also obtained a lovely handful of gifs from this! (these are not all of them though)




Amnesia. Okay… I said I would watch this one through… I couldn’t. It was so boring that I dropped it at episode four. But I picked it back up again at episode ten where the Ukyo arc comes in. It was just as boring. I’ll write a formal review on the last episode so I won’t say much here. This series is nothing worth watching, so don’t bother wasting any time on it.

Project K had already ended and I never wrote about my feels for it here. Mikoto died and I cried. I actually cried for an anime and that was strange. I want to write a formal review,  but I may have to watch it again in order to do so. I’m not so good at analysis, so when I write reviews they tend to be shallow. Ah well~ It takes practice.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ended pretty well too… though I wanted it to continue~ So good~

Magi omg… It’s almost at it’s end and I want to burst into tears because it’s been butchered to death. After Judal came up in the tenth episode, I began reading the manga while I had some free time in programming class and have now completely caught up with it. I’m am happy to say that I became a fan of the series (and I don’t usually follow long shounen series). But after the anime neglected to show fattie Alibaba and Aladdin the anime began to deteriorate and stray so far from the manga, and I was hoping for it to be a long series like Bleach or Fairy Tail! But nope, the A-1 Pictures just had to create an original ending and throw in a dark Alibaba.

Ah no. What are you doing to my lovely Alibaba. No.

Ah no. What are you doing to my lovely Alibaba? No.

Seems like another demon Ciel. A dark Alibaba is completely out of character. I will wait to see if he snaps out of it by the last episode.

I also strayed from the winter 2013 animes and watched both Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari. Loved them both and I can’t wait for the new season, Monogatari, this summer. Beautiful soundtrack too~♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩ Only problem with it is that I get bored when they keep talking for more than half of the episode, but this problem is soon solved once the action comes up again. Seriously though, Araragi and Shinobu are some of my favorite characters now. I don’t like Senjougahara though. She scares me.

Plastic Nee-san. All I can say is “Why does this anime exist?”

Why do you exist~?

Why do you exist~?

I dropped Zetsuen no Tempest, Code Breaker ended terribly (as you can tell from my review) and that is all I can recall right now.

Ah! The series that I’m probably going to be talking/fangirling over about after this are Karneval (this spring! I’ve been waiting months for this!), Dangan Ronpa, Monogatari, Diabolik Lovers (that masochistic one with all the sadistic vampires? Hell yes. I’ve already listened to all the drama cds and I am prepared for this. Bring it on! Oh wait… nononononnonono please no~! I don’t want to die!), and then a few other series that are still on my to watch list.

Well! See you soon! If I don’t die that is…