Remember when I said that I would watch this anime through? Well, I didn’t. But I did watch the last few episodes for the Ukyo arc. There wasn’t anything special worth noting on.

So our heroine is in a burning building and there’s no escape. Ukyo’s in his crazy “kill heroine mode” and tries to stab her. Some boring talking happens and the heroine eventually kills Ukyo in order to fulfill his wish. Then she and Orion are in some blank space where a whole explanation of what happened takes place (which is too complicated for me to explain. If you really want to know then watch it yourself). Orion says that she is able to get her memories back and return to her own world. She goes through the door to her own world and is met with five cards, one of which she has to choose. Of course, the ending doesn’t show what she chooses, but rather some images of her with all the guys. The end.

I’m actually glad that I didn’t see this one through, I would have been bored out of my mind.

I dropped it where the arc with Ikki started (possibly because I don’t like him at all). I wanted to watch Toma’s arc (who ended up being the yandere, much to my dismay), but, simply put, I didn’t and I never will. All I know is that he put her into a cage. O-O

Oh, even if I love Ukyo’s character, the voice actor is the same as this character


so I could never take him seriously, even with the other personality.

Welp. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good story. This was boring and never went anywhere until the very end where I was dumped with the whole explanation. Must be because I never played the game and this was more suited for a audience who had.

Only good thing was all the eye candy. Those outfits are so beautiful. (◕ω◕✿)