I should never title a post like that again…

Anywho, a rant because I want to. I was listening to the opening to Shingeki no Kyojin (which is a great series so far) and took a look at the comments underneath the video. And sure enough, there was a whole argument on what the “best” anime was (obviously it could never be the one in the video). Catching my attention, I decided to read the whole thing (which wasted nearly five minutes of my life) and have formulated my own theory on what the “best” is.

There is no “best.”

Which may be the opinion of most fans out there. Everyone has series and genres that they enjoy and others that makes their faces wrinkle. So when someone says that, let’s say, One Piece, is the “best” anime series, of course there are going to be people who don’t agree with that opinion and state that some other series is better. I myself have never watched One Piece because it is too long and I don’t like the art style. Since I have never watched it nor read the manga, I cannot discredit it because it may be a good series, but I’ll never know because I’m not going to put in the effort to watch it.

In truth, there can be no “best” because there are so many series that are all well done. Because of that large group, choosing just one is rather narrow-minded. Besides, the “best” would still be a matter of opinion because every anime (whether you see it or not) has its flaws.

And people get so butthurt over opinions.

I can never choose a favorite anime (or color, book, movie, etc.). There’s just a bunch to choose from! So, I just place the ones I love into a group. My “favorites.” It’s still an opinion, but by saying that a series is “my favorite” people can’t disagree because it’s MY favorite and not THEIRS. And because it’s a group, I don’t have to limit myself and I can add as many things as I want.

People can still say that “I don’t like this series because…” and that’s fine. They are entitled to their own opinion just as much as I am entitled to my own. This doesn’t mean that they won’t criticize my opinion or add in their own input, it just means that it’s an opinion and people shouldn’t get so butthurt over it.

Sharing ideas and opinions is how conversations and discussions form. Opinions are just something that will naturally occur.

My point is, “Don’t get butthurt over mere opinions.”

Sloppy rant over. the best is uta-pri btw