Well… at least summer break. Although I still have school for the next two days, I’m not going.

Anywho, I updated my blog’s theme, though it’s not completed yet since the colors and the fonts won’t go the way I want them to. It’s supposed to be this:what i want this damn theme to be

I want it to be able to change soon! OAO

I haven’t been writing any reviews because I’m so lazy and that’s a big problem. There’s a bunch of things I wanna do over the summer and writing a bunch of reviews is one of them. For the time being, I’m watching Uta-Pri, Karneval, and Shingeki no Kyojin. I’ve also been playing DRAMAtical Murder and am currently on Noiz’s route (the big annoyance).

That saying, have a great summer all of you!