tumblr_mcfl52Gp321rpr3wao1_500Producers: Bandai Visual, Manglobe, FUNimation Entertainment (licensing) 

Genres: Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shoujo

Rating: 13+

Episodes: 13

Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country’s most powerful defense organization, “Circus”. (Source: Wikipedia)

Compared to other titles in this genre, I find Karneval to be quite colorful and whimsical. I try not to get carried away by the adorableness of Nai and the sheep, but I can’t help it since I absolutely love cute things.

The story isn’t that original but is fine the way it is. The anime follows right along with the manga so I wasn’t disappointed in how the story was adapted. The only thing I hate is Yogi and that is due to his voice which aggravates me every time I hear one utterance from his mouth. At least all the other characters compensate for that.

Don't get me started on silver-haired Yogi.

Don’t get me started on silver-haired Yogi.

The conclusion was wrapped up decently, leaving enough question and speculation for a second season, which there is a high possibility since there is still so much more left in the manga and even that’s not finished.

Even though I loved the manga, the anime adaption was a bit of a bore. It followed the manga well and even used the seiyuus from the drama cd, but it wasn’t enough to keep my focus.

In the end, I highly recommend reading before watching, or just reading Karneval. While cute and colorful, the anime didn’t provide enough to keep me wanting more of it resulting in 3 out of 5.