So this chick, Kusanagi Yui (not Komori Yui, let’s get that clear), who is pretty awesome with the ways of the sword and lives at a shrine, finds this magical glowing sword in the storage and is magically taken away to this academy where the gods are supposed to learn about human culture in order to restore the bond between gods and men! If the gods cannot do so, then they will not be able to graduate and therefore stay in school forever with terrible lunches and ungodly amounts of homework and stress!

Hahaha… What in the world is going on…? In the first scene they were fighting this shiny yellow thing and this one guy’s clothes ripped off and he got new ones while his hair grew out and there were markings on his skin and they flew on a Pegasus… It’s all really weird if I describe it poorly…

Like so!

Spoiler: Like so!

But I was laughing throughout the entire first and second episodes. When I try comparing these characters to the myths I just… I can’t. Otome games are so ridiculous, but I love them anyway.

Anyway, I hate Zeus (the chibi form gave off bad vibes) but all the rest of the characters are fine~ Why aren’t they making any real moves on Yui? (well, Apollon kissed her but… don’t these guys like screw with everyone??). I can’t bet my money on anyone to end up with Yui since otome game to anime adaptations don’t follow any specific route. But I loved that ending sequence… those fine boys who can’t properly lip synch OWO

Mah, I wonder if I’ll finish this like Uta-Pri and DiaLovers or if I’ll drop it like Amnesia and BroCon. It’s pretty funny and everyone is pretty much eye-candy, not big and buff like gods are depicted in myths. o^o

Yup... I'm pretty much attracted to these three right here... Please don't do anything awful to make me dislike you...

Yup… I’m pretty much attracted to these three right here… Please don’t do anything awful to make me dislike you…