"You will look ONLY at me." Me: "Aw hell no."

“You will look ONLY at me.”
Me: “Aw hell no.”

Finally finished Kamigami no Asobi and it was cute! It certainly had an utapri feel to it; which makes sense because both of the otome games were created by the same company: Broccoli.

I wasn’t expecting Balder to be the one who was going to destroy the world, but I was suspicious of him from the start. It wasn’t his fault, but still.

I still like Hades, Loki, and that blue-haired dude (who I completely forgot the name of).

Everyone learned how to understand the human heart so no one had to stay behind in the garden and suffer through terrible school lunches~

But that ending… I thought it was gonna be sad and Yui would never see her bishie gods ever again, but then somehow she was able to see them again. I don’t know what that was all about; she might have lost her mind and was hallucinating owo

On a personal note, I would’ve preferred if some of those guys had beards (besides Zeus; I hate him); like Thor or Dionysus. Ap-baka-lon and Balder can keep their pretty, unshaven faces. But the characters hardly relate to their counterparts in the myths. Haha…

Anubis hanging around like a cat was great and so was Hades obsession with daifuku and strawberries~ The Cinderella play was my favorite episode~ It was definitely a very enjoyable otome. A+!