Haha, guess I’m really no good at keeping up this blog. I’ll at least try to post a compilation of anime impressions after every season. This season wasn’t too bad, there was a pretty good mix of series to watch.

Assassination Classroom

It’s… a yellow monster… with tentacles… who can do anything. It’s a really good anime though about growth and development and helping others. Even though they’re trying to kill their teacher… (but it’s all good since he’s a yellow tentacles monster who is planning to destroy the world). This series isn’t over yet, so I’ll give ya’ll a better impression once it’s finished airing.

Stardust Crusaders: Egypt Arc

Finally! Stardust Crusaders is back and in the hot sun of Egypt! Now I just have to wait a few more months for the fight against Dio ahahhahhshdfk…

But the currently aired stand fights are really fun to watch though pretty long because they are all now in two parts each. D’arby’s poker match was the most interesting game of poker I have ever witnessed in my life, for real!

Akatsuki no Yona

This series has one of the best female lead characters I have ever seen. Yona goes from being a weak, ignorant princess, to a strong girl who wants to help her people in any way she can even if that means she herself might get hurt. And this development doesn’t happen all at once; it’s very gradual and realistic. I also think the change was inevitable because of Yona’s strong and caring personality.

I feel like all the hot guys are just an added bonus lol

(I just realized I said the exact same thing in my last post. Oh well uwu)

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!

This anime… oh man where do I start…

It was ridiculous, but it was a good ridiculous in a way that it never once tried to present itself as serious. It starts off with a conversation about food as two of the characters are in a public bath and it ends that way too.

The last episode was over the top (it’s just a reality tv show!) and was the only way this stupid anime could have ended. I still liked it regardless because it was so ridiculous.

But then again, I only watched it for the student council haha


They’re so beautiful…

Death Parade

It’s an anime about death, of course it couldn’t have a happy ending.

I had watched Death Billiards before this anime came out, so I was really interested to see what Madhouse was gonna do with the series. It ended up being a whole commentary about the purpose and value of human life and it was very interesting to watch.

I’m still pretty pissed about the whole fact that Mayu had to go to the void ahhhh…

Durarara!!x2 Shou

After waiting for a few years, Durarara!! finally has a second season, however, this season is split into a few parts and so this anime season we got the first part.

It was standard Durarara!! and I can’t wait to watch what happens next… in July.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 14

Free! Eternal Summer OVA came out with guys in maid outfits! guys in butler outfits! guys fighting with water guns!

It was the best! I’m gonna watch it again owo

Kamisama Kiss Season 2

My romantic comedy for this season included more antics of Nanami and her crew. But at least her and Tomoe’s relationship grew: Tomoe proposed to her!

But she was a kid… and when she was back to her normal age, she didn’t remember him proposing to her. Talk about bad timing!

Other than that, I’m waiting for season three uwu

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder

This OVA was based on the manga like the previous season: Book of Circus. So I had read the arc before watching it, but the ova was so much fun to watch, especially when Jeremy came and had the EXACT SAME SEIYUU AS SEBASTIAN AND IT WAS SO OBVIOUS hahah…


I don’t usually watch harem anime, but when I do, it sure is a good one.

Saekano is about this otaku with all his female otaku and non-otaku friends who work together to make the ultimate dating sim. Of course, things don’t run as smoothly as our otaku hero would have liked, but everything works out and by the end of the anime they manage to finish one route of the game.


Kato is my favorite girl in this series (even though I took so many screenshots of Utaha in episode 6, I couldn’t help it, that episode was super pretty!) because Kato is such a normal girl. She isn’t an otaku herself but she is willing to help our otaku hero fulfill his dream. While doing this, she experiences new things and makes new friends. Ahh… she’s just the sweetest!!


Tokyo Ghoul Root A


I don’t want to talk about it… just go read the manga.

Yuri Kuma Arashi






Yep, so that was this year’s winter season of anime. Along with this, I also finished a few other series (Log Horizon and Nightwalker) and I’m currently working my way through Log Horizon season 2 and Haikyuu!!

In other news, the new dialovers game, Dark Fate has been released. I’ve only been reading route translations and summaries and Carla and Shin are such asses, but they are better antagonists than the Mukamis were in More Blood.

And because I thought I could draw, I started a chibi dialovers ask blog: chibidialovers heh…

Anyway, I’ll be back for spring 2015 anime impressions in three months.

See ya! -innasuu