Wow, I had such a busy weekend. I went to the local zoo to look at a bunch of snakes (the green mambas there are my favorite!) and then I went to Epcot with my mother and had an awesome time there! I got so exhausted, I was sick the day after orz


This article and reaction to Norn9 episodes 7 & 8 (which I haven’t watched yet) are a little late, so please forgive me!


Dimension W

This season doesn’t have much of a good selection of great openings and endings, so I am thankful that Dimension W brought in an opening by Stereo Drive Foundation (same people who did the op for Gangsta, which I also love). The song fits the sci-fi atmosphere of the series and is very catchy. I often speed down the highway when this song is playing owo

I may do a full review on this series once it finishes (if I feel like writing one, that is).

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

I don’t care for the song much, but the hand reaching motion at the beginning is cute.

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara

Cute, cute, CUTEEEEE!!!!

Musaigen no Phantom World

Like Dimension W’s op, this op definitely saved my winter season. This anime is so colorful! I’m glad the opening shows that uwu

I can’t resist a title like “Naked Dive” anyway~

Prince of Stride: Alternative

I wasn’t going to watch this anime at first, but then I did and I still don’t like it very much. I just don’t understand why the sport is such a big deal. Stride is similar to parkour, which is not technically an official sport. But it’s an official sport in the world of this series. Then again, I guess MadHouse can make anything look interesting. The opening and ending songs eventually grew on me.

The ending sequence is FABULOUS! Probably because it has my favorite color scheme: red, black, and white, and my favorite shape: the triangle.

The entire sequence is my aesthetic.


Why do I even like this anime so much? Sometimes it’s really funny and sometimes not, it really depends on the episode. I found this ending to be cute and creative. There’s so many versions of this ending though oAo

Tbh, I am a Karamatsu Girl -Innasuu