Despair OTP (Tetsuo x Youji)

Hello there! It’s innasuu! I decided to do something different today and that is a small tutorial on video editing! I’ve been making video edits using sony vegas for three years already and I haven’t mentioned it on this blog at all! It’s almost a shame really lol

So while I was making a vid today, I randomly saved screenshots of my progress. Although I called this a tutorial, it’s more of a demonstration of one of my editing styles lolol

I am demonstrating the simplest of my editing styles. Four or five years ago I used windows live movie maker to make little videos like this (this is the only surviving artifact lolol):

Since I use sony vegas now, my current vids are basically upgraded slideshows lololol

But what makes a video edit more than just a slideshow? Well, here is my most recent edit to show you (this is the video the tutorial is based from):

Can you see the four year difference? lolololol


Time to complete: ~4-5 hours

You should already know the basics of sony vegas like placing items on a track, putting in transitions, and using effects because I won’t be explaining them here.


The first step for this kind of video edit is to gather source material and decide on a song. The song chosen is super important because it decides the tone of the video. I chose a chill song with slow tempo and sad lyrics (because it matches my despair otp!). You can edit the song itself using programs like audacity to trim the song or edit the pitch, speed, etc. (optional). In this case, I trimmed the song and faded it out at the end of the trimmed section. Once the song is chosen, place the song file and your source material (pictures, video, etc) all into a file on your computer for easy access.

When your preparations are complete, you can open the program! Put the song on an audio track and create a video track above it. Now you can place your source material on the video track. In this video I used the opening video, game cgs, and official art of sweet pool. I usually place whatever matches the song lyrics or beat best. This is the most time consuming part because it takes time to decide where you want your source material to go lolol


Once everything is all laid out, you put in transitions and animate your pictures. I learned throughout my years of editing to keep everything in your video moving in order to keep the viewer interested (although that can vary depending on what you’re editing, sometimes static images can work very well depending on the edit). In sony vegas, the best way to animate pictures is through pan/crop. In this edit I mostly panned from one point to another, but in some pictures I used a three keyframe pan technique shown in the image above. I usually add transitions BEFORE I pan/crop so I don’t mess up my animations. In this vid I only used simple fade in/out transitions.


Next, I added some text. This is also optional, but I added it for aesthetic purposes (I like typography lolol). I used a font called Vijaya which is one of my favorites because of its simple elegance. Fade in/out transitions were also added to the text. Placement of text is also important for aesthetic reasons.

After all your source material and/or text is placed with transitions, you can get to the fun part: effects! I used four effects from the fx tab included in sony vegas:

Film effect (reset to none)

Film effect (reset to none)

Saturation adjust

Saturation adjust

Light rays (sparkling light rays)

Light rays (sparkling light rays)

Lens flare (sunburst effect)

Lens flare (sunburst effect)

You can use whatever effects you want. Just play around and figure out what looks nice to you! You can place effects on the source material itself or on a track. I put some pictures on a separate track so I could put different effects on them.


Then I placed a vignette on the first part of my vid. This was done purely for aesthetic purposes (I say that a lot, don’t I lolol).


lumiinya is my editing/social media name! My youtube channel is ItonamiLumi12

Finally, put a watermark on the vid. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people steal things, so placing a watermark is a safeguard against that, making it less likely for your work to be stolen (although the only things I’ve had stolen were some pieces of my very first dialovers crack video which didn’t have a watermark on it. I have been putting watermarks on all my videos now).


It’s pretty simple video to make lolol I didn’t want my first tutorial to be too overwhelming. I hope you all enjoyed. I dunno if I’ll do anymore of these in the future, but if you want another tutorial or one on something specific, please comment below!