Hello! This is innasuu. I made another tutorial uwu

This is the process I used to make this mmv I made to celebrate gaining 1000 subscribers on my youtube!

The tutorial is out later than expected. Oh well, I will blame it on my laziness.



Like in my last tutorial, you start by gathering your source material and laying it out on tracks. My source material is Caraway’s Laito HDB prequel and sequel and the song Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga trimmed and edited in Audacity.


I erased the text from the scans I used. I didn’t want the text to show. You can use any drawing program for this, but here I used Paint Tool SAI.


I also had to redraw some parts, but this redraw is so bad, I’m sorry.


Gotta position where those scans are gonna go.


Here, I completely rendered out some shots. You can do this in svp with the mask tool, but using sai is a lot less of a headache (for me at least orz).


I use the mask tool to crop out the panels.


Gotta use that pan/crop tool. You don’t want just a bunch of static images because that is super boring. We’re using sony vegas here, not windows movie maker lolol


Add transitions.


Add some text (here I did some in the speech bubbles, that’s why I erased the text from the scans before).


There is a lot of text.


Added some free fx video in the bg from: https://www.motionbackgrounds.co/

I only changed the speed and color of the video.


Added some layer dimensionality to some panels so they wouldn’t be so flat (I use this effect a lot in my edits).


Added vignette for aesthetic purposes.


Finally, added a film effect for some flickers and scratchies for a nice aesthetic uwu


In other news, I am hosting a MEP project and I still need people to fill in! Plz help TTATT