On Tuesday, I went to the pet store while my brother went to get himself a haircut. I needed to buy some pinkie mice for my little corn snake, Miia, and while I was there I looked at some of the animals for sale. I’m rather fascinated with reptiles, birds, and small, fuzzy animals owo

I was a little surprised to find some of the animals really active! Mostly it was the lizards and the birds who moved about a lot lolol Snakes usually like to stay put. I also saw some tarantulas for sale and almost wanted to buy one but you feed them bugs!! OAO

I have a corn snake because I don’t feed it bugs! I hate handling bugs!!

My corn snake, Miia, shed last morning and this time her shed was mostly in one piece! I was really happy because she’s been having some problems shedding and I’m glad she’s now shedding properly.

She’s such a pretty snake! owoowo


In regards to anime, I finished a few Fall 2016 series which were really good. This was a decent season and I still have to binge watch some series like Drifters, Flip Flappers, and Magical Girl Raising Project since I didn’t have time to watch them as they aired orz

I also have to finish watching Diamond is Unbreakable and Nanbaka so I won’t score those anime at this time.

//All scores are based off My Anime List’s scoring system with 1 being completely unwatchable, 5 being average, and 10 being absolutely amazing.

Bungou Stray Dogs (Season 2): 8/10


I liked the conclusion to this season much better than first season’s. Although it does have opening for a third season, it felt more complete than the conclusion of the first season. I was happy to see all the characters again and the introduction of new characters as well. The Guild’s members are based off western literature so I got all tingly when I recognized the novels and authors characters were based from.


//Crime and Punishment is my favorite classic novel.


//Oh no. I like him.

The anime didn’t get me interested in Japanese literature though. No, me getting into Japanese literature is the result of DMM’s newest game: Bungou to Alchemist. Thanks for getting me into another hell, DMM.


Shisha no Teikoku: 6/10


It is a movie released in 2015, I stumbled across it while searching for something else. The visuals are good and the story is about a society in which corpses are reanimated and used for work and war. Just the thought alone makes me cringe because it’s like: you can’t rest even after you died. The plot takes a turn in the second half of the movie and it was difficult to make anything out of it.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: 8/10


Heart warming anime always get a high score on my list. This anime was super sweet and I want to cry just thinking about it aaaaaa

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru: 7/10


As someone who plays the original game, I was super excited when this anime came out! The sword boys actually move around instead of just having their sprites slide across the screen owo

Unfortunately for me, the anime centered around Yamatonokami Yasusada and he is not my favorite sword boy (Mikazuki Munechika is). With such a large cast, I understand why it was difficult to put in screen time for other characters. Hanamaru was still a good anime to watch, however. Slice of life with your local sword boys!

Utapri: Legend Star 7/10


Fourth season of Utau no Prince-sama. By this time, I do not know how much more I can take of utapri. I like utapri a lot but it is now to the point where it seems it is being milked like a lot of other popular otome games (*coughcoughhakuokicoughcoughdialoverscough*). The season didn’t provide anything new and even Heavens, my favorite for being complete assholes in season two, weren’t even that interesting as the anime explored them a bit more. I expected more out of it, but oh well.

Yuri!!! On Ice: 9/10


Okay, maybe I am biased.

Okay, I am really biased for this one, but this series had a lot of things that haven’t really been done in anime (from what I’ve seen anyway, I could be wrong, let me know in the comments). I did like how well Victor and Yuuri’s relationship was portrayed and I will defend it’s development from any fujoshi who claims that it wasn’t enough. Sure, maybe it could have gone a little further, but there was no need for the relationship to be directly in one’s face. Romantic relationships are different in different parts of the world; in the west, public displays of affection aren’t uncommon, however, in many eastern countries (from what I’ve read), such displays aren’t seen, it’s more subtle.

I like the subtly of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship, it allows for my imagination to run wild lolol

Animation-wise, it’s good for the first few episodes then declines which keeps it from a perfect 10/10 from me. However, the animation errors should be corrected in the blu-ray version owo

I liked watching figure skating when I was a child, so watching the sport in an anime made me so nostalgic, I almost cried after watching the first episode even though nothing tear worthy happened in it (except Victor’s ass, but that’s different).


Because of current Touken Ranbu event, I now have the special boy:


Welcome to my citadel, Hotarumaru!

Lastly! A MEP I participated in just recently finished! It is so good, I hope you all can take a look owo