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Hello! This is innasuu. I made another tutorial uwu

This is the process I used to make this mmv I made to celebrate gaining 1000 subscribers on my youtube!

The tutorial is out later than expected. Oh well, I will blame it on my laziness.

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Despair OTP (Tetsuo x Youji)

Hello there! It’s innasuu! I decided to do something different today and that is a small tutorial on video editing! I’ve been making video edits using sony vegas for three years already and I haven’t mentioned it on this blog at all! It’s almost a shame really lol

So while I was making a vid today, I randomly saved screenshots of my progress. Although I called this a tutorial, it’s more of a demonstration of one of my editing styles lolol

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Wow, I had such a busy weekend. I went to the local zoo to look at a bunch of snakes (the green mambas there are my favorite!) and then I went to Epcot with my mother and had an awesome time there! I got so exhausted, I was sick the day after orz

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