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Joining random discord servers is a bad idea.

Be safe on the internet kids.

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Despair OTP (Tetsuo x Youji)

Hello there! It’s innasuu! I decided to do something different today and that is a small tutorial on video editing! I’ve been making video edits using sony vegas for three years already and I haven’t mentioned it on this blog at all! It’s almost a shame really lol

So while I was making a vid today, I randomly saved screenshots of my progress. Although I called this a tutorial, it’s more of a demonstration of one of my editing styles lolol

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I’m gonna be deleting some articles and changing up this blog. I wanted to make a whole new blog, but wordpress doesn’t let people delete accounts. So I’ll just refurbish this one.


I haven’t been doing much with this blog besides the random review here and there. Initially, I wanted this blog to be an anime/manga review blog, but that didn’t turn out too well, did it? I’m waaaay too busy with other things that I deem to be more important and there’s no appeal to writing formal anime reviews anymore.

Not that I liked writing formal things in the first place.

However, I still want to keep this blog, but I don’t know what I want to do with it. I’ve been going rather minimal lately and I don’t want so many things weighing me down.

So, if you have any suggestions for what I could do with this run-down anime blog, please comment below~!



Since I never use this blog, I was thinking about deleting it, but I didn’t have the heart to.

So, I’m not going to be reviewing anime and manga series anymore and make this blog a sort of personal blog. But that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about anime and manga; on the contrary, I’ll continue talking about it but not in a “review.” I think this will be easier for myself especially since I’m a junior in high school and my academic life is quite a mess right now. Reviews take too much time and I’m not very good at them as I am not great at analyzing things. Plus, I’ve been interested in more things lately such as cell phone card games (Valkyrie Crusade ftw~) and plenty of visual novels and drama cds. 

That is why the premise of this blog is to talk about what I love and what I love currently. Currently, I am not interested in writing reviews on anime and manga. I’d rather just talk about them randomly haha.

Well then, happy 2014 to everyone!